Duluth Central Class of 1988
July 28, 2018
8 days left
until our reunion.
Our 30th, Class of 1988, reunion will be July 28th, 2018
Yes we said it!!!   30th reunion, wow are we getting old but, it does not mean, we do not know how to still have fun!!!
The 30th reunion will be a one-night event located in Canal Park, upstairs in Grandma's Sports Garden Bayview Room.  Just as the name implies, this room has a beautiful view of St. Louis Bay, as well as Lake Superior. Enjoy first hand the beauty of Duluth’s working port, along with a stunning view of Enger Tower in the distance. This newly remodeled banquet facility features original hardwood floors, white linens, recessed lighting, a Bose sound system throughout, and large floor to ceiling windows. The Bayview Room has formal seating for 200 guests as well as a deck with additional seating for 24.  However, please check back here many months prior to Saturday July 28th, 2018 to see any updated details of the 30th reunion.
Until then, anyone that wants to assist on the 30th reunion; what we need the MOST help with is spreading the word!
Please try and find anyone listed on the LOST CLASSMATES page as well as continue to spread the word via FacebBook (FB), email, mailings/postcards, word of mouth, etc. of this website and of the date/location chosen for our 3Oth.
If you have FB connections to fellow classmates, let them of the date and site.  If you are missing classmate connections find them.   Keep in mind a lot of our fellow classmates do not utilize FB nor do they live in the Duluth area.   We have A LOT of classmates that live literally all over the world.  Not just all over the US but, we have a lot of classmates over seas!
So finding them will not be easy but, if anyone is willing to help well, start your engines and start searching/finding!
Thank you ALL who attended the 2013 reunion!
Please see the polling page and cast your vote for your event type of choice!
It will be a 1 nighter since, we did not have a great turn-out for night #2 and night #1 was not very good either!
Our class has approximately 330 classmates so, let's find the others that did not attend our previous events, do not know about the website, and are still "LOST" so, that they may attend our next event.  If you know where to find these fellow classmates forward me their information or provide that classmate the link to this website or to our facebook group/account.
House keeping items from our 2013 reunion:  Thank you to Nathan Bentley & Brandon C Scott for their donations.   Others made donations as well....Marc Langdon, Mary Hautajarvi/Otto, and others that I did not catch their names.   So, those unnamed donators, I am sorry for not mentioning your name but, we THANK YOU!
Wendy Peterson, Lynda Ballavance, Raquel Tahtinen, and Roni Lundin for their time in manning the tables for each event!
Thank you and see you on July 28, 2018!!!

The glorious view from Central High School
The glorious view from Central High School
Alma Mater!
Alma Mater!
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